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Please fill in the required information as per the 7 items we are requesting below:

1.  First, input at the top right of the form an RMA#. this will be your office phone number and the first 4 letters of last Name and a number of how many rma's you have sent in.                               (for example: our number plus imagin=6505961001IMGA-1 )

2.  Provide the Office name and or Doctor's name and a Contact Person for discussing this repair

3.  A Shipping Address, where we can return ship your item to.

4.  Please also include a phone number and fax number or if an e-mail ADDRESS is provided we will contact you through IT  

5.  Important, we will also need billing address for the Credit Card payment being used ( if same, just write same ).  

6.  Important, Please make sure you state your brand of camera,the model number and a serial number (if you know it)and an accurate description of the problems you're having.

7.  Important, So we can duplicate your issue, also provide us with your Computer type & level of Operating System (PC, win 7,8,10/Mac OS) and the Imaging Software you are using

After you have completed this form, please Save and Print two copies, one for your records and the second one to send a copy along with your item for repair to Imagin-repair.  


USB Drivers for:      

Early ImageMaster Classic & HotRod

(Non UVC Cameras only)

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Imagin Video Catalog PDF:

For early Video camera products

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