Imagin’s HR megapixel USB


Imagin’s HR Megapixel USB Camera has a true digital 1.3 Megapixel resolution C-MOS Sensor with a hi- speed USB 2.0 interface that plugs directly into the computer with superior image quality and amazing features, including new state of the art solid state lighting that enables the lens tip to be very small, high performance optics and allows for single-hand operation for adjustable focus from 0 mm to full face and capture buttons. The HR Megapixel USB camera offers the greatest performance and value for a digital high-end intraoral camera. Coming Soon!


HR megapixel USB Features:

  • Direct plug High-speed USB 2.0 connection
  • True Digital 1.3 Megapixel resolution C-MOS Sensor
  • New state of the art solid state lighting
  • Superior image quality and true-to-life color
  • No docking station
  • Proprietary High performance Optics
  • Anti-fog lens tip on the intraoral handpiece
  • Perfect smiles with minimal distortion
  • Intraoral handpiece has small size lens tip
  • Single-hand operation for adjustable focus
  • Three button key-pad on handpiece to control image capture and other functions
  • Electronic arrow for easy patient education
  • Remote On/Off sensing
  • Detachable handpiece
  • No capture card required
  • Compatible with most imaging software

Imagin’s new HR Megapixel Intraoral Camera features a Proprietary High-Resolution Optics that exceed 200 line pairs per millimeter with less than 2% distortion, providing “crystal clear” clarity. The HR Megapixel Intraoral handpiece has a very user-friendly “single-handed” focus control slider with four fixed positions that provides a focus range from 0 mm to full face and a 72-degree field of view. Each position allows a broad range of focus and provides you more in and out movement with a greater depth of field. The handpiece has the sleekest head in the industry and is known best for access throughout the mouth, especially for viewing behind the rear molars. The lens window is built flush with the camera body allowing protective sleeves to slide perfectly flat over the head, keeping it free from distortion with no loss of clarity due to window gaps. The handpiece has the only thermally activated Anti-fog lens tip on the market, a three-button key-pad located on the handpiece to control image capture, image direct/mirrored, light on/off and B&W/color (defaults to light-on with color, when handpiece is in holder) and a revolutionary ergonomic design that is strong, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to operate.


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