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  • The Best Digital X-ray Sensor Repair Company 20 Years running

  • Knowledgeable with all Sensors

  • Excellent Workmanship    

  • Quick Turnaround  

  • Always Checked and Tested Before it leaves 

repair Process

All X-Ray Sensor repairs are processed through Imagin's well proven check-in system for receiving incoming repairs. 

Upon reception of every sensor, each one is carefully examined and then checked in.  Its assigned a technician who will test and troubleshoot it which will then provide the good news or the bad news. 

At this point we do nothing until the customer is contacted and quoted with a fair price to repair their item.

Fix & SHIP

We perform no work until you are completely satisfied with our prognosis and or until we have a full authorization from you to move forward.  

Imagin's technicians are experienced people 30 years with sensors and cameras and they are the best for these type of repairs.  Each knows every brand and every system very well.  

Workmanship is excellent, you will never receive a sensor back looking as though a gluey fingered two year old put it together!  We have talent and to much pride to ever let that happen and we want your business again!

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Sensor Brands We Repair

Dexis Classic/Platinum

Schick CDR

Kodak 6000, 6100

Gendex eHD







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