Dental Camera Accessories and Disposable Sheaths

Wireless Foot Controlled Capture Floor Pedal

Imagin's new Blue2ooth Capturing kit adds camera foot control to the dental chairvia the existing pneumatic floor pedal without addition of another pedal.

Understanding that 70% of all doctors would prefer a foot operated capturingmethod over a handpiece button control, this product gives you both!  


Complete Pedal Assemblies or Add-on Kits to your Existing Pedal


NextStep kits

Kits contain a Blue2ooth module, 3 way button valve, a 4 port air hose & power choice of either a battery pack or hard-wire harness


complete pedal assemblies

Total replacement assemblies are available, everything you'll need in order to easily install into your chair and connect to the PC

Additional Camera Accessories & Consumables

Need to Order Sheaths? • They come 5 boxes (100) in a case • Part number: 90-1047

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