7,000 Successful Dental Sensor Repairs over 20 years

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  • The Best Digital X-ray Sensor Repair Company With 20 Years Experience

  • Knowledgeable With All Dental Sensor Repairs

  • Quick Turnaround (1-5 Days)

  • Always Checked and Tested Before it Leaves

  • No Hidden Bench Fees, Free Quotes, Just Pay Shipping

Sensor Brands We Repair:

  • Dexis Classic/Platinum

  • Schick CDR/Elite

  • Kodak rVG5100, rvg6000, rvg6100, rvg6200

  • Gendex gxs-700, gENDEX VISUALIX EHD

  • XDR

  • EVA

  • ImageRay-i

  • Camsight

  • Trophy RVG

  • Suni

  • QuickRay


Step One: Contact Us to See If We Can Resolve Your Issue.

Your best bet when trying to see if your item is repairable is to give our team a call or email to discuss the issues you're facing with your item.


Step Two: Fill Out the RMA Service Form and Ship Your Items.

After checking in with our team to see if we can repair your item please click on the RMA service button located on the page. Follow the RMA form instructions listed and print out the form.

Please find the most accessible shipping service (UPS, FEDEX, USPS) and ship your items with the RMA form inside the box.

Step Three: Once Your Item Has Arrived, It Will Begin Evaluation.

In Evaluation our technicians will determine the issues with the item and quote the repair costs. Once quoted the quote will be sent to either the Fax or Email in which you provided.

After you receive the Quote, you will need to either authorize or decline it.

If you're happy with the quote and wish to authorize we will ask for a form of payment and begin repair.

if you're unhappy with the quote and wish to decline we will ask you only to pay for the shipping to have your item returned.

   If You Have a Question, Feel Free to Contact Us (650)-596-1001  

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